Justin Leclair
Justin is a Partner with Distl, and provides an experienced understanding of public policy and innovative urban strategy.
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Game of the Name- Huh? Developers are Now Branding Our Neighbourhoods?

After reading how a local developer had imparted the name “Lower East Side” to a stretch of east-end Queen street here in Toronto, I quickly realized that more and more the naming and branding of the City’s neighbourhoods has fallen into the hands of the real-estate developers and the snazzy creative agencies hired to provide a desirable context for their projects (interestingly, this is not a new phenomenon. Developers named...

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Made in… this City- The Resurgence of Urban Manufacturing

To mark the first of a quarterly series of insights from the team here at Distl, we offer you a glimpse of things to come as we examine urban manufacturing- from companies like Shinola in Detroit breathing new life into their city to Copenhagen Made, formed to showcase Danish manufacturing prowess. We look at  how its resurgence is impacting our cities and our neighbourhoods. Be sure to check back mid-January...

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Swing, Swing, Swing: Understanding the layered city

When I first moved to Tokyo and had finally settled in to my new environment, I remember how eager I was to explore my new city. I had visited New York and I suppose in some way I was expecting a similar urban experience. A friend had recommended I check out Kichijoji, a part of the city known for its youth culture, beautiful park and all-round cool vibe. Arriving in...

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