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Fast Cities: How Proximity and Speed Increases Our Productivity

A few days ago my friend and blogger extraordinaire Brandon Donnelly wrote about how people in big cities walk faster. It would seem obvious for anyone who has come from a smaller town to a city like Toronto, or vice versa, that people in the big cities have a faster pace - and now data is backing that up. But it made me think - why? I don't have a scientific...

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Swing, Swing, Swing: Understanding the layered city

When I first moved to Tokyo and had finally settled in to my new environment, I remember how eager I was to explore my new city. I had visited New York and I suppose in some way I was expecting a similar urban experience. A friend had recommended I check out Kichijoji, a part of the city known for its youth culture, beautiful park and all-round cool vibe. Arriving in...

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What place branding can learn from a Gatorade ad

Place branding is in a rut. The "Live, Work, Shop, Play" syndrome is everywhere; a tagline that sums up what's around – no more, no less. So what's the story? Having spent the better part of my career working in advertising, it has to come down to storytelling. Too often, placebranding falls short because it doesn't capture what people connect with most – the way a neighbourhood makes you feel. The distinct Brooklyn vibe, the gritty excitement of Brick...

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Draking, and why we should all get behind it

So, Draking’s a thing now. Smiling Drizzies are popping up on wheelchair signs across "The 6", cluttering Instagram feeds and making subway platforms just a little brighter. But there’s something deeper going on here. If stop sign interventions have taught us anything, it's that a strong message can hit home with a clever twist. And, putting aside the issues around vandalism and safety, stickers can be a powerful platform for engagement. Playful dialogue...

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Imagining a Lake for Trinity Bellwoods Park

Major flooding in Toronto on July 9th, 2013 brought massive amounts of water into city streets and ravines, leaving thousands of commuters stranded and thousands more with out power. Yet the flooding also saw some of the city's natural past re-emerge, including Garrison Creek which now flows beneath Trinity Bellwoods Park as a man-made sewer. The flooding brought above ground water back to the park, including into the sunken dog bowl where off-leash...

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