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The Laneway Project on Space and Event Videos

Space Channel's Teddy Wilson spoke with Distl's Mackenzie Keast and Michelle Senayah about The Laneway Project, a non-profit organization co-founded by Distl that helps to reimagine Toronto's laneways. Watch the full segment below:   We've also compiled all the video's from The Laneway Project's summit on laneways - "Engaging In-Between Spaces" which was held on November 20 at the Great Hall.  

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Success for Toronto’s First Summit on Laneways

On November 20, The Laneway Project, a non-profit organization co-founded by Distl that is dedicated to laneway revitalization across the city, hosted Toronto's first-ever laneway summit. "Engaging In-Between Spaces" brought together over 350 community members, industry leaders, and laneway proponents to learn, share, and discuss Toronto's current efforts to improve and enhance it's laneways. Moderated by CBC's Mary Wiens, the event featured five panellists with diverse backgrounds - each working in...

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Add this to your gift list: Hand-drawn map of King & Spadina

Halloween is barely behind us, but tinsel now lines every storefront – a reminder that holiday shoppers will soon take over every square inch of our shops. Before you brave the aisles, Distl has the perfect gift for the urbanist in your life. (And you can order it online.) Distl Neighbourhood Map Series – N• 01 King & Spadina To celebrate our city of neighbourhoods, we're teaming up with local artists to capture the creative energy of Toronto's most vibrant...

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Join Us For Toronto’s First Summit On Laneways

ENGAGING IN-BETWEEN SPACES Toronto's First Summit on Laneways Thursday, Nov 20 2014 6:00pm - 10:00 pm The Great Hall | 1087 Queen St W [maxbutton id="1"] Spaces are filling up fast for Engaging In-Between Spaces, an event hosted by our newly co-founded organization, The Laneway Project. Join us for a lively discussion on the future of over 250 km of laneways in our city. Moderated by CBC’s Mary Weins, 5...

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Call for Board Members: 2015 NXT City Prize

Help us shape the future of Toronto's public space. In 2014, NXT CITY PRIZE attracted over 120 ideas to improve public space. The winner received $5,000 in prize money and access to $10,000 in implementation funding to to help turn their idea into a reality. We can make next year even better. We're looking for outgoing, motivated and highly passionate individuals to be part of the 2015 NXT City Prize Advisory...

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The Brilliance of The New Rotterdam Market Hall

You may have come across 'markthal', a stunning work of architecture unveiled in Rotterdam this year. Its understated outward shell, consisting of 228 apartment buildings, wraps around a massive courtyard forming a modern arcade. This is where the magic is unveiled - the courtyard is a marketplace, housing over 100 fresh food stalls and food vendors. The concave walls are adorned from floor to arched ceiling with vibrant murals with food-related themes. Markthal...

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Distl Co-Founds The Laneway Project

Distl has partnered with Michelle Senayah of Seneyah Design and Arianna Cancelli of Grounded Planning to found The Laneway Project, a non-profit organization helping to improve laneways across Toronto. Mackenzie Keast of Distl is Chair of The Board, and is assisted by the Laneway Project's incredible Advisory Committee: Stewart Chisholm, Director of Partner Services, Evergreen CityWorks Brandon Donelly, Development Project Manager, TAS Design Build Jode Roberts, Communications, David Suzuki Foundation Jayme Turney,...

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Distl Hosts NXT City Night

On August 14, 2014, Distl and our partners hosted  NXT City Night. Providing the backdrop for the awards ceremony of the inaugural NXT City Prize, NXT City Night was a celebration of improving public space in Toronto. Highlighting innovative, forward thinking place-making ideas, NXT City Night brought attention to the city's public space deficit and offered flexible, cost-effective solutions for short-term improvement The event took place in a downtown parking...

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NXT City Prize Inspires the Transformation of Yonge Street

The inaugural NXT City Prize has selected the winning idea for visionary public space improvements in Toronto. The finalists were announced August 14 at NXT City Night, an outdoor awards ceremony hosted by prize founder and local urban strategy studio Distl. The NXT City Prize invited young people under 30 to submit creative and innovative ideas to improve public spaces across the city. More than 120 submissions were received from people under 30 across Ontario. Richard...

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Distl Hosts Urban Design Charrette at the 2014 CAPS-ACEAU Conference

At Distl, we're passionate about supporting the next generation of city-builders. Which is why we are proud to have been a sponsor of the 2014 CAPS-ACEAU Conference and invited to hold this year's urban design charrette. The conference took place between February 6 - 8, 2014 in downtown Toronto. To a group of 60 conference attendees, the Distl team presented a summary of current planning and urban design theory and regulation in support of...

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