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Fast Cities: How Proximity and Speed Increases Our Productivity

A few days ago my friend and blogger extraordinaire Brandon Donnelly wrote about how people in big cities walk faster. It would seem obvious for anyone who has come from a smaller town to a city like Toronto, or vice versa, that people in the big cities have a faster pace - and now data is backing that up. But it made me think - why? I don't have a scientific...

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The Brilliance of The New Rotterdam Market Hall

You may have come across 'markthal', a stunning work of architecture unveiled in Rotterdam this year. Its understated outward shell, consisting of 228 apartment buildings, wraps around a massive courtyard forming a modern arcade. This is where the magic is unveiled - the courtyard is a marketplace, housing over 100 fresh food stalls and food vendors. The concave walls are adorned from floor to arched ceiling with vibrant murals with food-related themes. Markthal...

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Swing, Swing, Swing: Understanding the layered city

When I first moved to Tokyo and had finally settled in to my new environment, I remember how eager I was to explore my new city. I had visited New York and I suppose in some way I was expecting a similar urban experience. A friend had recommended I check out Kichijoji, a part of the city known for its youth culture, beautiful park and all-round cool vibe. Arriving in...

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What’s Going on With Toronto’s South Core Neighbourhood?

Perhaps nowhere in Toronto is the city's massive building boom more visible than in the South Core. Erupting from literally “south of the downtown core”, the South Core neighbourhood has become a symbol of Toronto’s city-building prowess, and is poised to become an internationally sought-after business destination. But it wasn't long ago that the South Core was little more than parking lots. How did the neighbourhood emerge, and where is it...

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