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Game of the Name- Huh? Developers are Now Branding Our Neighbourhoods?

After reading how a local developer had imparted the name “Lower East Side” to a stretch of east-end Queen street here in Toronto, I quickly realized that more and more the naming and branding of the City’s neighbourhoods has fallen into the hands of the real-estate developers and the snazzy creative agencies hired to provide a desirable context for their projects (interestingly, this is not a new phenomenon. Developers named...

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What’s Going on With Toronto’s South Core Neighbourhood?

Perhaps nowhere in Toronto is the city's massive building boom more visible than in the South Core. Erupting from literally “south of the downtown core”, the South Core neighbourhood has become a symbol of Toronto’s city-building prowess, and is poised to become an internationally sought-after business destination. But it wasn't long ago that the South Core was little more than parking lots. How did the neighbourhood emerge, and where is it...

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What place branding can learn from a Gatorade ad

Place branding is in a rut. The "Live, Work, Shop, Play" syndrome is everywhere; a tagline that sums up what's around – no more, no less. So what's the story? Having spent the better part of my career working in advertising, it has to come down to storytelling. Too often, placebranding falls short because it doesn't capture what people connect with most – the way a neighbourhood makes you feel. The distinct Brooklyn vibe, the gritty excitement of Brick...

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