We’re happy to introduce Natasha, a University of Waterloo student who joined us this week as our Fall intern. Natasha will be working alongside us on a number of ongoing projects, and will also complete a self-directed project for December.

Learn more about your Natasha and what she brings to the team in our interview below.

What is your background?
I am a 3rd year student at the University of Waterloo currently pursuing a major in Geography and environmental management; focusing on human based geography and international development. Hailing from a Toronto art school and living in Toronto my whole life I find that the development of neighbourhoods and cities can be artistically incorporated in maps and environmental management.

What’s your passion?
Creating sustainable and practical life styles for city dwellers by building long lasting relationships between people and their environments is a major priority for me. I wish to promote the development of cities to increases local economies and environmentalism while minimizes social challenges.

What do you hope to accomplish during your Distl internship?
As a university student I feel as though by working with other big thinkers at Distl I can hone in on what urban development really is outside of the classroom. Working on projects at local levels, I wish to understand what sustainable cities need to thrive and use innovate new ideas to fulfill these needs.

Favourite artists/DJs?
Patti Smith and Alex Prager are boundary pushers who I truly admire. Both artists have a vision that is believable and visually attractive in a way which others don’t. They create interesting and innovative works against other big artists who produce more mainstream ideas but are not afraid to continue.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve visited?
The small local cities of Italy’s southern coastline like Montepertuso, Positano and Capri are unlike any other city I have seen. These cities transportation systems, old structure and social interaction create interesting and lively neighbourhoods.


Mackenzie Keast
Mackenzie is a Partner with Distl, and provides urban design and planning expertise. Hailing from BC, Mackenzie came to Toronto to help build a better cities here and around the globe.

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